The Cool Cats!

The Cool Cats!
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18 mei 2015
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The Cool Cats!
Choreographer: Niels Poulsen (Denmark) May 2015
Count:              32 / Wall: 4 / Level: Beginner - Novelty style
Music:               A Cool Cat In Town by Tape Five ft. Brenda Boykin
Intro:                From the main beat count a 32 count intro (22 secs. into track). Start with weight on L foot
Note:                On wall 8, starts facing 9:00 the music slows down after 16 counts, now facing 6:00.
                        Continue dancing following the slower tempo in the music. Then...
*1 EASY Tag:    After wall 8, do another 4 count full turn walk around R and then Restart facing 12:00...

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